Everything on a plate?

It still amazes me how many people in the Western World have become so complacent. There's a culture of 'I don't even have to work, my country will sustain me, with benefits, free everything and a God-given right to cable TV and enough money for going clubbing'. Not so. We come into this world naked and penniless and we go out pretty much the same way. And in huge swathes of the world, you basically spend most of the intervening years also nearly naked and penniless. When the teenagers of today complain about their rights and when workers start industrial action because their payrise was 'only' 5%, it makes me want to ram the Third World down their throats. There are no rights in this world - God has given us each a body and mind and it's up to us to work for what we want to achieve. There's never an excuse for laziness. I'm not knocking single mums on benefits or genuinely needy cases, it's general greed and consumerist culture that makes me mad, when people the world over are starving. And yes, if you click on the affiliate link on the next line, I'll donate the 10% I get to a third world charity. Really.
(This post brought to you by the letters Q and Z and a chocolate fountain)


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