Huawei Mate 20 Pro case roundup

Another flagship in for review - the Huawei Mate 20 Pro (sorry for the delay on looking at cases for it!) Anyway, more cases to try out and score!

This is all thanks to the folks at MobileFun, see their Mate 20 Pro case selection in full.

Official Huawei Clear TPU, £6

This is a good place to start, it's minimalist and yet provides some protection from all sides, even corner drops, with slightly raised edges at top and bottom. Don't rely on this to stop a cracked screen when falling onto tarmac, but it'll cope with drops around the home.

And, as you'd expect from an official case, it fits like a glove. It also adds very little bulk. It's the sort of case which really should have been in the Mate 20 Pro retail box (maybe it is, in some regions?)

Of course, being clear, you get to still enjoy the paint job on your shiny new Huawei - which is 'a very good thing indeed'.

Top value too, for an official case at a pocket money price. At the very least,  put your Mate 20 Pro in this accessory. Do. Not. Use. The. Phone. Naked. Really(!)

Score: 9/10

Official Huawei Silicone Case, £13

Another official outing and also fitting perfectly, this one's more a 'love it or hate it' design in terms of materials - the silicone either feels gorgeous in the hand or sets the teeth on edge - I'm torn!

The Silicone finish is also relatively smooth, meaning that you don't gain that much in terms of grip. Still, the corners and top edge are raised and drop protection is pretty good and you can't deny the 'Apple-esque' styling. Huawei are often accused of copying Apple's software designs and this is a hardware clone of Apple's official silicone cases for the iPhones.

The solid nature of the material does mean that you don't even get a glimpse of your Mate 20 Pro's paint job though, so factor this in too.

Score: 8/10

Olixar Crocodile Pattern Leather Style, £10

It's just textured plastic at this price, of course, don't get too excited, but the extra texture does add grip, if that's your main criteria in choosing a case.

There's very limited protection at the top and corners, mind you, so drop protection is minimal. Oh well.

Maybe consider this a case for getting out to 'make a change', or for heading out to a party, where you'll get comments on the Crocodile aspect and also people can glimpse your Mate 20 Pro's colour scheme from the open top panel.

Score: 7/10

Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear, £7

Another budget case, but not up to the standard of the official Huawei offering - and (at the moment) it's actually more expensive, which makes no sense!

The problem here is that the clear plastic used is just too thin, mainly at the sides, where the material peels away from the phone sides too easily - Huawei's version is just thick enough to be form-hugging. Olixar's design might shave off a fraction of a millimetre, but it's a compromise too far, in my opinion.

Better than nothing, and you do get to see the phone paint job, but do look elsewhere in this comparison, please.

Score: 6/10

Official Huawei Smart View Flip Case, £15

Ah, now we come to the real deal (though with an obvious caveat) - a case which adds something extra in terms of functionality. 'Folio' cases are something of an acquired taste, since when using in landscape, the flap 'hangs down'. OK, so when playing games you can fold it all the way back behind the phone, but when taking photos you're stuck looking like a dork/tourist!

However... it's all worth it.

The USP here, other than the expected perfect fit and great grippy finish, is the translucent panel on the front. This works together with (presumably) a small NFC chip or magnet to tell the Mate 20 Pro that this case is 'on' and then the usual lockscreen gets replaced by a simple clock and notification icons, such that they are seen on the right, through the panel.

Unfortunately, this system doesn't yet work with the Mate 20 Pro's optional 'Always on' display, so you still have to press the power button on the side in order to check the time. Still, this is just software, so maybe Huawei can enable this in due course?

Probably the most protective case in this round-up, by virtue of the screen being covered all the time, it's also the most 'functional' - and as I write this it's half price, so do snap it up.

It wouldn't be my personal first choice, since I find it hard to live with folios and flaps, but it's still great value and very well made.

Score: 9/10


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