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I can understand sports in general. I even enjoy playing some of them. But all involve moving around to some degree and getting fit. I can understand hobbies, things you really, really enjoy. But what on earth is the point in fishing? I suppose you could be catching tonight's supper, but I gather that's mostly outlawed these days and it's a 'recreation' thing and you have to stick the fish back in the river. So let's get this straight. You hang around, freezing to death on a damp river bank, waiting for a fish to happen by and get duped by your bait. You then get it lodged on a vicious barb, through its mouth, haul it onto dry land for a while, causing immense stress to the fish. And then after all that you throw it back in, without even the cause of needing it to keep yourself alive. Writing this in the UK winter, I walk along the banks of the Thames and pity the poor souls sucked into this depressingly chilly and soul-destroying pastime.

New year fireworks

OK, so I was up at midnight when the clocks ticked over from 1999 to 2000. And there were fireworks all around the world, and why not? It was a once-in-a-lifetime event. But ever since, we have to put up with hugely noisy fireworks going off in our streets at midnight every single New Year. Yeah, yeah, I'm only complaining because I'm getting old and have a young family, but on behalf of others with small children and who. with them, need sleep, I'd like to rant and say 'No problems with the staying awake and partying and so on - but please leave off the fireworks next year. Thank you'. Glad I got that off my chest!