Review: Ceasyde Magnetic Wooden Chess Boards Sets, Premium 15" ×15"

The brief was simple - after losing our 40 year old wooden chess set - somewhere. (Quite how one loses a chess set remains a mystery!)  Find a new FULL SIZE (15" board) chess set online. Ideally with wooden pieces and if possible with a wooden board too.  Actually finding such a beast proved to be tricker than you might think. There are plenty of cheap multi-game sets with plastic everything and there are super-expensive 'pro' chess sets, but not that much in between.  However, we found this one on Amazon UK, for just over £40 . A little more than we wanted to pay, but hey, why not treat ourselves? The really curious aspect (other than an utterly botched delivery by our Amazon delivery man, who left it unnoticed in a garden compost bin!!) is that, although this is a good quality item, the packaging is hopeless cheap and nasty, and with typos: All I can think is that the chess set itself is made by a third party (in China) and then resold under various brands and their pac

Case roundup for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

As usual for my case roundups, I'll cover a variety of styles, with many samples supplied by MobileFun, kind people that they are. See their  complete range of Galaxy S21 Ultra cases and covers . See also those from MyTrendyPhone, S21 Ultra cases  (and first time buyers get 10% off ) But on with the individual cases, each link goes to the relevant product page, of course. Olixar Ultra-Thin, £7 Let's start with something simple and insubstantial, yet still worthy of consideration. Olixar's Ultra-Thin range has a unique place in the case world, in that it really does live up to its name. With this in place, you hardly feel any extra bulk. Or weight, this is only a couple of grammes. But you get a load of extra grip. There's even a pretence at raised ends, but don't be too fooled - if you drop your S21 Ultra in this then it's still going be at risk - you're using the Ultra-Thin case so as to get enough grip as to not drop the phone in the first place. Yet witho

The last luxury gasp of the Psion 5mx Pro, with Point5 and Mulberry

Although I owned a great number of Psion palmtops back in the day, they broke one by one and I was very happy with @sandvixito donated his for me to own and play with. In fact, it was the top of the line Psion 5mx Pro, with reflashable ROM and updates (well, back in the day, anyway), complete with metal Point5 stylus and a luxury Mulberry case. All very stylish. However, ageing plastic and moving hinges caught up with this unit too and I heard an ominous crack from deep inside - the palmtop had one proper 'open' in it before never closing properly again, I calculated, so if I was ever going to document this classic palmtop in photo form then now was the time. The deluxe Mulberry leather. Lovely! Inside, the Psion nestles in a custom container, plus storage for batteries and a paper notebook (remember them?!) The Psion can fold open while cased, which is a really neat design trick. A laptop within a filofax form factor, almost. This was cutting edge back in 1997!!  Spare battery