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The 'Blue Peter' radiator kludge that saves money!

Yes, yes, this is all very low tech, but it's something I've done on all our main window radiators and I believe it saves real money. And the kludge itself costs almost nothing, so why not?

The problem is that radiators in our house are positioned underneath windows - which seems utterly crazy to me, but it's true all over the place. Why? Put each room's heat source underneath the biggest heat loss, etc?!

In the winter, with curtains closed, the situation's even worse, with curtains closed, since then they hang down 'outside' the radiator vertically, so heat rises and then ends up 'inside' the curtain and straight out the window, or at least into the window space, and not into the room!!

Bonkers. Anyway, here's my fix. A length of cardboard, with kitchen silver foil glued (and/or taped) on, splined onto the radiator wall supports, and bent at 45 degrees so as to channel rising heat out into the room and beyond the curtains.

A few photos are wort…

Case roundup for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

In my review of the Note 10+, I pointed out that it's virtually impossible to use the phone without a case - it's just too razer-edged and slippery. So here we go with some VERY likely contenders...

As usual for my case roundups, I'll cover a variety of styles, with most samples supplied by MobileFun, kind people that they are. See their complete range of Note 10+ cases and covers.

But on with the individual cases, each link goes to the relevant product page, of course.

(I'll update this round-up as and when more cases arrive for review from other sources.)

Official Samsung LED View Cover Case - Blue, £45 Starting with perhaps the Rolls Royce of Note 10+ cases - the Samsung LED View Cover, so called as, obviously, there's a matrix of tiny LEDs embedded in the rubberised fabric cover. Close the folio flap and the time lights up in dots for five seconds (and then goes out).

Or press the side button push-through and - again - you get the time shown, without a need to o…

An Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max case roundup

Following on from a look at a number of 11 Pro cases here, it's time to review some iPhone 11 Pro Max (i.e. the larger one!) cases from MobileFun, kind people that they are. See their complete range of iPhone 11 Pro Max cases and covers. Plus one from Totallee!

The 11 Pro Max, like its little sister, is one of the very top specced phones in the world right now, see here for my full video review.

In no particular order(!):
Ringke Fusion X - Black, £17 The Fusion cases have a great reputation for protection and style and this 'X' variant bears this out. Styled plastic inserts into an ultra-clear transparent back make this instantly recognisable.

To keep the back so pure there are protective layers from the factory that need to be peeled back, but once in place the iPhone 11 Pro Max is beautifully cocooned and you still get to admire the original colour of the phone (ok, ok, in this case black, but hey!)

The fit is perfect and despite the steam punk looks not too much thicknes…