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Strike one for the PC?

Now, don't get me wrong, this is only one small area of an entire platform war, but in my professional interests I get to check loads of blogs and web sites. Most are fine, with properly styled text and images and all's hunky dory. But every now and then I come across a site (almost always by a Mac user) which astounds me. Take The Creative Life blog - here's a typical entry - love the content and ideas, but because it's all handled by iWeb on the Apple Mac, all the text in entries are implemented as images ! Appallingly inefficient and appallingly implemented. And this sort of monstrosity only exists because of some terrible tech decisions made by Apple. So what if it's 10% easier to make a web page - when thousands of people then dread visiting it? Secretly, part of each of us probably longs to try out a Mac and see what its fans are talking about. But with the applications producing output like this - well, it's very off-putting.

Heelys - Dangerous?

The media seems to be full of stories of Heelys (proun. Heelies) being dangerous, a friend told of hearing a doctor giving the stat that nine children had died when trying to wear them. I essentially provide a wealth of tips on Heelys safety on my Heelys site , but specifically addressing the concern that they're dangerous: Roller skates, skateboards and ice skates are just as dangerous - and ALL should be ridden with appropriate protection for head and knees/elbows. As the wearer gets more confident, there's slightly less need for the above, but it still depends on whetherthe wearer is a demure little girl (like mine!) gently gliding along or some trick-addicted boy! The older the wearer is, the more damage you'll do if you fall over, of course. Kids under 18 seem to be pretty resilient, I wouldn't worry too much