Strike one for the PC?

Now, don't get me wrong, this is only one small area of an entire platform war, but in my professional interests I get to check loads of blogs and web sites. Most are fine, with properly styled text and images and all's hunky dory. But every now and then I come across a site (almost always by a Mac user) which astounds me. Take The Creative Life blog - here's a typical entry - love the content and ideas, but because it's all handled by iWeb on the Apple Mac, all the text in entries are implemented as images! Appallingly inefficient and appallingly implemented. And this sort of monstrosity only exists because of some terrible tech decisions made by Apple. So what if it's 10% easier to make a web page - when thousands of people then dread visiting it? Secretly, part of each of us probably longs to try out a Mac and see what its fans are talking about. But with the applications producing output like this - well, it's very off-putting.


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