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Review: BlitzWolf BW-LT8 Motion Sensor Cabinet Light

Do you know of those little three-AAA-battery powered stick-on lights that you put in cupboards and under the stairs? Some even come with motion sensors, so that they come on automatically? Very handy little things. The trouble is that the batteries run out. And faster than you'd like because a family member leaves the door ajar and then there's enough motion to keep activating the light, and so on. So you have to keep replacing the batteries over and over again. You could switch to rechargeables, but these are lower voltage, don't provide as much oomph and run out far faster, so it's a very tiresome job managing them. Wouldn't it be easier to bring this lighting need into the 21st century? Which is where this Blitzwolf strip comes in. Super-bright modern LED strip, internal rechargeable 1000mAh battery, accurate motion sensor, microUSB charging, 3 hours light per charge (so several months of life in real use). What's not to love, for £15 or so? [Origina