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Confusing Chronology Clarified: Hawkwind 1977-79

Readers may well be aware that I'm partial to some 1970s Hawkwind. But there's one period of time, around two years from 77-79, where the usual people in, people out the door got a little silly, complete with multiple tours, multiple line-ups, three studio albums arranged in the 'wrong' order, and even a complete change of band name! So, in an effort to get my mind round all of this, I'm drawing on personal knowledge and remembrances of the time (I was in my late teens), press clippings, album sleeve notes, extended CD editions, plus most importantly  Joe Banks' excellent Hawkwind 70s history , to put everything into a strictly chronological list. Here's what happened and (as best as I can tell) in what order! Early January 1977 : Recording sessions for an album at Rockfield Studios, with Adrian Shaw in the band for the first time on bass. The rest of the band is Dave Brock, Robert Calvert, Simon House, and Simon King, of course. 28 January 1977 : Recorded i