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Phones Show Chat - February meet-up

I'm hosting another in our series of pub meet-ups for smartphone enthusiasts near Berskshire, UK, on Wednesday 9th February 2011, from 7.00pm until whenever we call it a night. The venue is again The Lands End Pub, Park Lane, Charvil , Twyford, RG10 0UE. See above for a map. Use your sat nav to get to the general area. You can approach The Lands End from the East, but you have to go through the ford - not really recommended. Usually about a foot or two deep, so 4x4's only! Approach via the arrowed directions if possible . The idea, as usual, is to swap phone tech stories, try out other people's favourite devices, down some decent beer and (maybe) do a few short pieces to camera for the show. If it turns out well, you might be a star(!) If you want to come along, just confirm by emailing me at with the subject line "Feb Phones Show Meet". Thanks! As long as even four or five people make it, the event's a goer. Hopefully we'll have a fe