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How to: set up a sane and future proof password and secrets management system

Listening to all the issues and problems besetting popular 'password managers' on various podcasts, not least their creators selling up and handing the software over to 'big tech', not least the task of juggling compatibility with the various desktop and mobile browsers, not least the navigating of new methods of ID and 'web 3.0'... I was struck that my chosen system is still the best way forward.  For me, anyway, if not perhaps 'normobs'. I'm a firm believer in keeping things simple. And also in using 'open source' software where possible as it avoid commercial outfits trying to shoehorn in extra features that 'make them money'. So. Here's what I've done since 2010 - and have set up for my family and friends. No need to have a piece of software from the exact same company that runs on every platform, no need to juggle syncing between devices. You just have one 'encrypted blob of data' in the cloud. I keep it in Google