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Steve's Essential Mac OS X Software List

Updated: Nov 2010 So I'm three months into (nearly) full-time Mac ownership. What applications have I found essential and worth downloading? For my own memory (should I ever need to re-grab everything after a re-install or on a new Mac, and to help others) here's a brief rundown:Nokia Multimedia Transfer - essential for integrating a Nokia smartphone into a MaciSync for Nokia - lets your Nokia smartphone sync to Address Book and iCalSeashore - somewhat basic but useful image cropper/manipulatorKompoZer - not supported anymore and 1% buggy, but a terrific visual HTML/WYSIWYG editorCyberduck - the best FTP client for the MacCopernicus - small screen video grabber, useful for odd extractions from web animationsAudacity - the famous audio editorOpen Office - the equally famous full Office suiteBurn - additional disc burning functions beyond the built-in bits of Mac OS - still not sure if I need this, but it's got a great reputationJumpCut - multiple clipboard utilityAudio Hijac…

Credit Crunch Ideas

A.k.a. Things for you and your family to do that don't cost a lot of money! 
A new idea for a mini-site, over at my 3-Lib server. I was fed up with the way weekends and school holidays were just turning into huge money-drains - hence the suggestions. I estimate that it costs roughly £1000 to get one child through the summer holidays in the UK, living by the world's 'rules'. Add 50% for two kids, double that for 3 children.
I aim to halve those numbers (at least). What do you think of the ideas and do you have any other suggestions?