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Review: AUKEY 1080p webcam

It's fair to say that, while most AUKEY products sent over for review blow my socks off (e.g. the SK-S1 speaker and the Halo charger , not to mention the Solar Light ), some of their gear impresses me a lot less. And I have to say that the ' AUKEY 1080p webcam ' falls into this camp. It's not a bad webcam - it just doesn't stand out for anything other than the ability to capture with stereo audio. Now, 1080p is quite high resolution as webcams go, so I shouldn't be too hard on it. And in decent light the quality is indeed top notch. But the marketing talks specifically about 'Good performance even in more dimly lit rooms' and this isn't really borne out. For example, here's a grab from the webcam in my study in the evening, light levels aren't particularly low, though the main light is from a 60W bulb, plus my face is lit by my Mac: Looks OK, doesn't it? And it's fine for everyday Skype chat, but just don't expect a