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Review: UGREEN Travel Organiser Bag

 (originally published by me on the All About sites) UGREEN sent this organiser bag across and it has proved an excellent addition to my kit-case, replacing about three other cheap mini-bags. There's no faulting the materials, with durable plastic weave and really tough branded zips that look like they'll last a lifetime. Both zips are two-handed, i.e. can be opened from either end, sealing closed each of the two main compartments: Of course, quite what one might put in each of the straps and mesh compartments shown is a personal affair - below I've shown my personal 'first cut', but doubtless things will get moved around through monthly use. I do seem to have an inordinate number of small adapters and USB memory disks, so they all ended up together, plus I have bulky adapters for Type C and Lightning to HDMI and to other standards, and these needed a bit of lateral thinking! Bulkiest of all are my longer leads and generics like HDMI extensions - and I ended up havi