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Family Days Out - good value?

After another year's annual holiday, in which we experienced on successive days how good and how bad attractions can be, I thought I'd start to put together mini-reviews of many of the family attractions in the UK . If you've been on a day out somewhere with your family and can add to the site, please get in touch.

Time to get out and get rocking!

I don't often crawl out from under my rock and stick my head up to be shot at, but if you fancy coming along to say hello or to enjoy what'll hopefully be a good night of original music, note that Shed Music (couple of our videos here ), in which I'm 'guitar and vocals', is playing the 3Bs in Reading on October 17th, we're starting to play at 9pm. Go on, come along, buy some beer and make the landlord a happy man....

Remakes? Why do they bother?

I've seen about 20 remakes of famous movies in the last 10 years. And 19 of them have been utter rubbish compared to the original. "The Thomas Crown Affair" was the only improvement, in case you were wondering. And now comes in news that "Enter the Dragon" is being remade . Err.... guys, Bruce Lee WAS the film. And he's dead. You won't get even 10% of the film's attraction without him. What a waste of money. I was going to say 'talent' as well, but noone with any will want to get involved in the first place, so.....

An eternity of Saturdays?

That's what the school holidays sometimes seem like. Yes, I love spending time with my daughter, but trying to think up new ideas to fill up six and half weeks of non-stop leisure time with her, without spending too much money and without letting her watch TV all the time, is always a bit stressful! We cope, of course, but do sometimes regret not living near any relatives or playmate cousins who could help out time and interest-wise. Hey ho, here's to September!

And you thought it was a long time til Christmas

Quite staggering. Astronomers have spotted four galaxies 'merging' . It all sounds exciting, but it's the scale of the 'event' that blows my mind. Here we are trying to survive out three score years and ten on this planet and the scientists come along and tell us about the galaxy merger. The thing is that the merger was happening five BILLION YEARS ago. It's just that the light from the event is only just now starting to reach us. And all that's on top of the fact that each galaxy itself contains billions of stars (like the Sun) and that there are billions of galaxies all around us. I think I need a lie down.... A biblical quote springs to mind: "When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have established [I am constrained to ask]; What is man, that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you visit [care for] him?” (Psalm 8:v3-4).

Holiday season - a Legoland reminder!

Hey, there seems to have been a rush on my Legoland web site - August really is peak season over there. Trouble is that it's so busy that if you approach Legoland wrongly then you can come a real cropper with prices, queues and food. Legoland can be a great day out if you budget properly, look out for magazine 2-for-1 offers and know how to minimise queuing. Which, after 11 trips on an annual pass with my family in a one year period(!), is why I created my Legoland Survival Guide - Tips mini web site. Worth a look if you're planning to visit!