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What's in my tech/gadget bag (2020)?

Here are the accessories I group together in the house and take with me on any serious journey to family etc. What inevitably happens in all locations is that, as the 'tech guy', I'm the one people turn to connect A to B, to adapt C to D, to provide power in the middle of nowhere, you get the idea. I'm sure the same is true for you!  From my original AAWP intro to this idea: Over the years I've reviewed dozens of smartphone accessories, maybe even hundreds. And I've reviewed a fair number formally here for AAS and AAWP. But, of this mass of plastic, metal and, often, lithium, which accessories really made the grade? Which ones do I  personally  carry around with me on any trip out of the house of more than a few hours? Here's a glimpse into my standard kit. Here's the same kit briefcase but exploded in summer 2020 form: Note that: I've set the case code here to a dummy number to mask my real case unlock... I also often take either my Surface Pro (and