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Best prices - and a defense of the ROCKJAW stars - in-ear-canal headphones

Headphones are very much a 'personal preference' thing.  You might love big over-ear 'retro' headphones and you'd be right, the sound is nearly always better with larger speakers and more physical space. But over-ear headphones aren't super-mobile and you can't fit them in a pocket. You might love Apple EarPod-style (typically white) outer-ear headphones, but in this case you'd be wrong since you've become used to sub-standard audio. So much bass and music information gets lost in the air between the speaker membranes and your ear drums because there's no seal - not even remotely close to a seal. You might like the idea of TWS earbuds - 'True Wireless' - separate gadgets that stick out of each ear, and the lack of wires is certainly appealing. But many TWS earbuds also live in the outer-ear, and those that sit in the ear canal (providing a seal) are usually crippled by having to have a tiny speaker membrane and so there's limited bass

Review: Zepp E fitness smartwatch

Despite the much-publicised failures of Android Wear and the equally publicised successes of the Apple Watch series, the smartwatch/wearables world is still exploding - almost everyone seems to be experimenting with some form of band or watch - and I'm no different. Although I'm more a smartphone guy, I've tried a number of wrist options. The Fitbit Versa got very close to my perfect wearable (I reviewed it here ) but ultimately the tension of a band on my wrist wasn't something I could stand for multiple days at a time unless there was a single huge benefit. The arrival of the Zepp E , made by Huami, also makers of the Amazfit range, presented quite a benefit though: Compatible with any Android or iOS phone (so many other accessories are limited to a particular platform, manufacturer or version) A built-in SpO2 (oxygen saturation) sensor (now matched by the top end Apple Watch in the last week or so, and a few others, mind you) Sleep quality monitoring (also tied into