Best prices - and a defense of the ROCKJAW stars - in-ear-canal headphones

Headphones are very much a 'personal preference' thing. 

You might love big over-ear 'retro' headphones and you'd be right, the sound is nearly always better with larger speakers and more physical space. But over-ear headphones aren't super-mobile and you can't fit them in a pocket.

You might love Apple EarPod-style (typically white) outer-ear headphones, but in this case you'd be wrong since you've become used to sub-standard audio. So much bass and music information gets lost in the air between the speaker membranes and your ear drums because there's no seal - not even remotely close to a seal.

You might like the idea of TWS earbuds - 'True Wireless' - separate gadgets that stick out of each ear, and the lack of wires is certainly appealing. But many TWS earbuds also live in the outer-ear, and those that sit in the ear canal (providing a seal) are usually crippled by having to have a tiny speaker membrane and so there's limited bass and general fidelity.

I'm generalising a little in all this, but you can see where I'm headed. What's needed are in-ear high quality wired (or 'conjoined') headphones, giving maximum music quality while occupying the minimum space in the pocket.

And this is where ROCKJAW shines - I've been reviewing their stuff for years. And it's perfectly true that this blog post is just to highlight two offers on Amazon UK, but both are worth looking at.

The Alfa Genus v2 headset is fully wired to a 3.5mm jack but provides reference quality audio - at just over £20 in the offer, which is astonishing. (See my original AAWP review here.)

But my pick for the last year has been ROCKJAW's T5 conjoined Bluetooth headphones - no wires down to your phone, just a wire between the buds, making for a large battery pod (11 hours playback per charge) with media controls and modern Type C charging. They're currently £47 (down from £70), which is a steal. (See my original AAWP review here.)


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