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Troubleshooting Renault engine noise

Here's something that's been driving me crazy over the last week. My Renault Scenic (diesel) has developed an odd and annoying noise. It's directly related to engine speed (i.e. dies away as I move the transmission to neutral and let the revs drop. I've videoed the problem/noise below, in the hope someone can suggest what the problem might be. You're listening for a highish pitched whistling/rubbing noise. Renault Scenic belt system noise for troubleshooting from Steve Litchfield on Vimeo . I thought it might be the belt itself, but the addition of a little talc didn't help. Anyone ever seen/heard this before? Possibly a dry bearing somewhere, but where do I start looking? Alternator? Water pump? The car only had a new cam belt fitted a year or so ago, complete with new tensioners. Many thanks if you can rack your brains for some pointers here! [SOLVED] Turned out to be the tensioning pulleys, one of which did indeed have a dry bearing. New kit f