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Car musings: To switch from petrol-only to hybrid or full electric?

I've been wrestling with this for several years now but I think at last I'm coming down to a decision, at least for the medium term. And I'm hoping that my deliberations might help others, readers, who may have been debating along similar lines. (This is in the UK, by the way, so some aspects of the breakdown below may/will be different in other countries.) I should start by saying that I've been driving a Ford C-Max 1.0l EcoBoost for the last five years and it has served me well. It's now 8 years old and (aside from a major clutch server failure, requiring a whole new flywheel and clutch) has never gone wrong in any way that has inconvenienced me. It drives very well, despite the capacity, thanks to a turbocharger, and I get 35mpg worst case, short journeys in winter, and 45mpg average the rest of the year, plus 55mpg on motorways.  It's also classed by the government as only needing to pay £36/year in road tax, and this will apply for the life of the car, as i