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Review: UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger

(originally published on the All About sites) Sent over for me to test (disclaimer) is the UGREEN 100W GaN Fast Charger, designed to charge just about any mobile tech you may have - and then some. It's not cheap, at £80(!) ( UPDATE : Now £50 or so!) - but it might be a genuine space and complexity saver in your office or kitbag. One of the chief attractions of GaN ( Gallium Nitride ) technology is that the transistors can work at higher voltages and temperature than traditional silicon chips - meaning that power adapters (as here) can be smaller and lighter for a given power rating. You can gauge the diminituve size (perfect for travel bags?) from the shot in my hand below: It's all built-in here, no flying leads, but that's OK, especially for a travel adapter. I'll come to the almost unbelievable specifications in a moment, but for now here are output ports: three USB Type C and one USB A, which is about right for a typical work load of devices in 2022: (I should note