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The Marshall London's 'David' update

I've been a huge fan of the Marshall London smartphone in the last couple of years. THE richest front facing speakers on any phone in the world still, by quite a margin. Stereo microphones that can record the loudest band. Grippy and durable outer skin that has never needed a case. Twin headphone jacks. Replaceable battery, the list goes on. On the flip side, the chipset inside and screen specs aren't stellar and have been showing their age in recent times. These can't be helped, but a constant worry in terms of day to day use was lack of security, in that the Google Security patch level was back at June 2016 - and we call know how many vulnerabilities Android has had revealed since then. Marshall seemed to have stopped updating this phone, but it seems as though they've merely been reorganising their support system and have now emerged from the darkness. In fact, there's a rather encouraging changelog.  From the official post on the update : 2016 is