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Tech Mystery no. 2: Gmail

OK, same friend, different problem. Same head-scratching (though it's possible I'm just being stupid)... My friend, Brian, receives regular (joke) emails with inline images, posted as far as I can tell by the original sender by inserting a direct image URL into their email app. In Brian's Gmail, i.e. viewed using the Gmail interface, these emails look fine, i.e. Google is displaying these images. But when Brian forwards these emails to his friends, the images all get lost and replaced by white boxes. Here's what they see: Is it because Gmail is blocking the re-transmission of images which are inserted by URL? I did try looking at the HTML element code for the received image (i.e. after forwarding) and see: <img width="320" height="240" src="http:/?ui=2&ik=c4edab4db2&view=att&th=12da1cbef02d5ea6&attid=0.1.1&disp=emb&zw" /> But again, inline, they come out like: Is this me being stupid? Is this supposed to work?