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Those cute Pixel Chix

After a long string of electronic 'wants' from my daughter, most of which got refused, I finally gave in when confronted by the Pixel Chix. This series of plug-together electronic Sim-type toys are pretty well designed and the gameplay is open enough to keep R amused for a good while. And, unlike a Tamagotchi, the blessed thing doesn't keep beeping or dying, a MAJOR boon. Anyway, in true Steve style, I did a little web site devoted to Pixel Chix - hopefully Rachel can help me create new content for it... And talking of web sites, my teacher wife has been using my Heelys site to demo to her class as a resource - they're making a leaflet about Heelys as a project - how cool is that?

Travel arrangements

.... and people wonder why I HATE travel... I was talking to a business professional today, who'd just returned from a 10 day business trip. It turns out that his company arrange everything right down to the last taxi reservation - all he's got to do is bring his passport and credit card and everything else is sorted. Contrast that to travel DIY (self-employed) style, where every last bit of research, every last train ticket, every last plane detail, every currency transaction has all got to be done myself. And worried about myself. The two situations are worlds apart - no wonder I stick to working from home as much as possible!!