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Casing the best compact smartphone in the world: the Sony XZ1 Compact

Fans of The Phones Show will have seen my glowing report on the Sony XZ1 Compact - it's old fashioned in many ways, thanks to a 16:9 screen (i.e. BEZELS!) and it's 'old school' size, but it's a cracking handset that does everything (including having a headphone jack and stereo speakers) and yet fits in the smallest of pockets. I even made the confident statement that its aluminium and reinforced plastic construction meant that it didn't need a case. 'Need'. Regardless, a case is till a good idea, especially if you're venturing into the great outdoors or live a rough and tough life. Which is where these two options come in, I'll link to the Mobile Fun pages that they were sourced from. Both are highly recommended, though the second is undoubtedly my favourite, as you'll see. Roxfit Gel Shell Slim, £15 The idea here is to be as minimal as possible, with ultra clear back to 'show off the phone' and with opaque outer rim with