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An enforced Easter break and general thoughts on Phones Show scheduling

Dear Phones Show and PSC viewers and listeners....(!) Just a small status update regarding the shows. PSC records on a Sunday evening and thus clashes with Easter Sunday - I think Ted and I did a show last year anyway, but this year I'll be knee-deep in family, so we're going to miss a week. I'm sure you'll have your own family time and won't miss us too much? The main Phones Show has been hit a little by several general factors, worth noting: a continued decline in the number of people financially supporting the show , meaning that I've had to take on extra writing work to make ends meet.  the critically poor health of one of my parents, a factor which may well play a bigger role as the year goes on. This factor in particular has to take absolute priority, as I'm sure you can sympathise? a huge number of other online video shows, often with far bigger financial resources and offering higher production values. When I started The Phones Show (as &#