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Now look, when you smash your elbow with something or back your car into a wall, I can perfectly understand the temptation to exclaim something short and sharp, a choice word or two. But the youth of today seem to have taken the infamous shock F*** word of the 70s and used it instead of most of the adjectives in their limited vocabulary. Initially their intention was to shock, I guess, but it's now used five times in every sentence and it's anybody's guess what it's supposed to mean. It's just sheer laziness, with the speaker unable to express themselves properly. And movies don't really help, with 'stars' made to talk in the same way. English is a wonderfully expressive and diverse language, so come on guys, let's use it to the full....

Window Cleaners

Now, don't get me wrong. Window cleaners are often very cheerful and very friendly people - certainly our neighbourhood one is. But it's a job that simply doesn't need doing. Like most people, we had our cleaner 'do' the outside of our windows every month or so for years. Then he put his prices up and, on a hunch, we said 'no thanks' and decided to do them ourselves. In fact, we never got round to it and the outsides of our windows haven't been cleaned now for 3 years - yet, looking at our house, the windows don't seem any dirtier than the houses around us. Wind and rain seem to do the job just as well, and for free. 90% of the muck that accumulates on windows is actually on the inside (especially in the kitchen or if you're a smoker) - and that's a job that we all have to for ourselves anyway. Outside window cleaning - another job that just never needs doing?