Credit Crunch Ideas

A.k.a. Things for you and your family to do that don't cost a lot of money! 

A new idea for a mini-site, over at my 3-Lib server. I was fed up with the way weekends and school holidays were just turning into huge money-drains - hence the suggestions. I estimate that it costs roughly £1000 to get one child through the summer holidays in the UK, living by the world's 'rules'. Add 50% for two kids, double that for 3 children.

I aim to halve those numbers (at least). What do you think of the ideas and do you have any other suggestions?


d@ni said…
Do you have a feed to your 3lib an are youa web/blog addict. There seems to be many of your other sites in 3lib lol. Wouldnt it be easier to just have all your blogs linked to your one blog?
Yes, probably. The structure is partly historical though. It all needs a complete shake-up and relaunch!!!

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