Litter louts

It all comes down to sheer selfishness, I suppose. But I'm staggered at the way 80% of the population of this country seems happy to throw down their fag ends, sweet wrappers, crisp packets and so on, without a thought as to what'll happen to them. Imagine if there was no-one to pick it all up? The planet would soon be knee deep in rubbish - I wonder at what point people would notice and start being conscious of their own throw-away habits? In many areas, councils pay people to go around picking up litter, but if we didn't make a mess in the first place, the money could be reassigned to schools, hospitals and other worthy projects. Litter makes me mad...


Mark Williams said…
Totally agree Steve. I have to stop myself from picking up litter that I have seen someone dropping and giving it back to them. If I had more courage I would do that. It's symptomatic of the way the country's going. Don't get me started.

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