Review: The PURE Move portable DAB radio

Now a really decent portable DAB radio has been something my wife and I have been after for ages. The existing hardware was either too big and heavy or had too small a battery life - but the PURE Move hits the sweet spot in many ways.

DAB radios are essentially portable computers and thus are real battery drainers. But PURE have solved the issue by including an internal rechargeable battery, phone style, so no more buying packs of AAA cells and no more lugging around huge mains DAB units. And life on a single charge is excellent, many hours, so this is the best of both worlds.

Build quality on the move is great, with a brushed aluminium faceplate and a rubberised back, with a fold out plastic stand to keep the unit at the right playing angle. There are no surprises in the main controls, which look tacky and plasticky but which work very well.

DAB reception's very good as well, better than on some mains radios and our biggest complaint by far was the audio quality over the built in loudspeaker. OK fro talk stations, switching to a music station reveals the cheap speaker, with no bass and plenty of middle and treble.

Still, a great DAB radio for anyone wanting talk and news stations!


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