Why I Hate Adobe - Part 2

I've posted about this before, by the way...

Having been driven to distraction by other video editing software under Windows, I thought I'd try Adobe again, give them one last chance. After all, Premiere Elements was supposed to be a top video solution still, and there was a shiny new version 4 to play with.

I started the download going, via their 'Download Manager'. 2.7GB. That's GIGABYTES. For a single application! Nero Vision 5, another video editor is ten Megabytes or so, FIFTY times smaller.

I gritted my teeth as 2 gigabytes crawled down by ADSL connection, whiling away the time by browsing for reviews of Adobe Premiere Elements 4 - to be met by a barrage of 'buggy', 'slow', 'broken' and worse. So not much change then for an Adobe product. I cancelled the download.

How can any company issue a product (for download) that's 2.7GB in size? Where's the common sense? Where's the efficiency? Developers these days, especially in the 'big company' world seem to have lost all sense of proportion. There are still 'shareware'/'demoware' applications around that are only a few hundred kilobytes in size. OK, so a video suite might need to be 10MB or so of code and templates, but not much more.

Maybe the 2.7GB was mainly video examples - in which case, Adobe should offer these as separate downloads - but I suspect not - it was probably mainly bloated, slow and buggy code and development modules..... mutter, mutter....


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