Why I hate... part 215: Anglian

Oh yes. I made the mistake of ordering new roof fascias a few years ago from Anglian, a windows, doors and roofs company in the UK. The fascias were fine, and I didn't take any nonsense from the sales person, who turned out to also be a Christian and to have an ounce of integrity.

Unlike the current Anglian sales team. I've been getting call after call, sometimes 2 or 3 a week, trying to sell me things. On the last call I virtually screamed down the line "Stop calling me - if you call again, I'm going to complain to BT and report harrassment".

No doubt their installers are hard working people. But stay away, stay well away from Anglian's sales teams. Another Anglian anecdote from six months ago, before the current call spate - I'd been looking for companies to give me a quote for a front door. Anglian got someone to call me and he kept going on about he didn't want to come and visit when it was just me in the house - he insisted my wife was present. Obviously, because he didn't want me saying 'I'll see what my wife thinks and get back to you'. But I said that the decision to buy was 100% mine and that I had full confidence from my wife. Did it make any difference? Nope. He just kept on insisting that my wife had to be there and after several heated calls I'd had enough and cancelled the quote visit. And this was all before he'd even got to my house!

Bah. Anglian.


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