OK, I got X Factor wrong last year. But here's my pick for this year!

I know, I know, I always go for the singers who can pull off the 'chill down your spine' big notes.... and they never win. But here goes...

I really hope Ruth Lorenzo wins X-Factor this year (2008), she is 'all woman' (as observed by Simon Cowel et al) and has a fabulously mature and powerful voice when she really lets rip.

Last year I was tipping Rhydian - who fell at the final hurdle. This time it's Ruth. See for yourself, here she is in action from last week's show:


James said…
Steve. I didn't know you had a personal blog. Cool!

Okay, so I've used 'scientific data' to pick the 3 finalists for this year. It'll be Eoghan, Alexandra and Diana, and Diana will win.

Personally, I like to see Alexandra win. Diana is so annoying.

James Burland
You're probably right. I'd like Ruth to win, but suspect Alexandra has wider young-person appeal, as has Eoghan....
James said…
Gutted that Ruth went this week. She sang her heart out!

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