Celebrating Christmas Early - Pros and Cons!

For personal reasons, we've ended up having our Christmas Day today, the 23rd December. Just for a change. Interestingly, it turns out that there are some pros and cons with this arrangement:

1) The supermarkets are all OPEN all day, should anything be needed!
2) No deciding 'do we open presents before, or AFTER church'!
3) If a present is wrong, it can be opened, taken back and exchanged before the actual official Christmas Day...
4) It's less time for impatient offspring to wait between end of term and present-giving day!

1) Bit of a sense of anti-climax on the 25th.
2) Have to rewrite most of the carols: "On the 23rd, the 23rd, .... etc."
3) Others might expect me to work....


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