Of nudists, prudes and an attitude that's a century old

Coverage of the story that German nude hikers were being arrested in Switzerland got me thinking. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not all for widespread nudity across the world - for three reasons:
  1. 99.9% of people look far better with their clothes on
  2. Many people would get too cold for most of the year
  3. All sorts of socially embarrassing situations would routinely crop up (to say the least!)
However, what sort of society are we when we're so opposed to the sight (shock horror) of the standard, imperfect but biologically whole human body that we're ready to seek and arrest those who choose to occasionally disrobe away from towns and other centres of population? The argument is usually given that children should be protected from the 'sight' - in my experience (giggling apart), children are usually a lot less offended by the sight of others' bodies than prudish adults.

I've never been to a nudist beach or resort and don't really want to - maybe the UK's just too cold! But I can't see anything offensive whatsoever in the fact that some people rather like shedding their inhibitions and clothes and simply enjoying their bodies as God intended.


Duncan J Murray said…
I completely agree! Personally, I'm happy with my clothes on, and there are some places where, for hygiene reasons, people should wear clothes (i.e. public transport etc..) BUT I think this repulsion of the naked body is a sign of our removal from nature. In my line of work (hospital), I see an awful lot of naked people - fat/thin, pear/apples and every variety of oddity and shape inbetween. And you realise that there's nothing 'wrong' with the naked body - after-all it is a whole lot more natural than the clothes we wear over it. I also complete agree about children - very young children couldn't care less, and it's only when they learn from their parents/adults that it is a taboo, that they notice.

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