URL changes for 3-Lib!!

Hi all

As you may have seen, UKOnline, my web host for the last 15 years(!) is closing its doors at the end of December, which means I've had to find a new home on the web for my Psion/Smartphone site, as well as all my little sub-sites on various topics.

In short, everything's now on a different host/domain. If you've linked to any of my pages or if you have me on your blog roll then please, please take a few moments to amend the URLs so that we don't end up with '404' broken links!

The new address is stevelitchfield.com , i.e. http://stevelitchfield.com/ and this is a direct substitute for the old http://3lib.ukonline.co.uk/ , so you can hopefully just do a spot of copy and pasting!

Many thanks, everybody!



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