Adsense fell off a cliff

My move from the server to my own one (forced by UKOnline's closure) has confused a lot of people - including Google, it seems.

If you've got any of my sub-sites bookmarked, make sure you re-bookmark them at the new addresses:

For example

Renault Scenic problems, troubleshooting, models - the most popular sub-site, dedicated to storing resource info on this terrific car, especially the Mark I and Mark II shapes.
All about Heelys skates - the craze has died down now, but they're still a great design and piece of mobility footwear!
Furreal bears and toys - our family still owns most of them!!
Legoland Tips and Travel - haven't been there for a year or two, but still recommended, with caveats....

Many thanks.

Google's link adjustments seem not to have caught up with my server move either, my ad income has fallen off a cliff 8-( Let's hope all the links and rankings gradually get adjusted etc.


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