iCloud Photos issues!

I'm posting this here, since other short form social networks are proving inadequate 8-)

Here's the problem.

Friend's iPhone, latest iOS, patched up to date etc.

She has a PC with Windows 7 and iCloud installed. Again all up to date. iCloud is on default settings, set to sync all photos to Pictures\iCloud Photos etc.

The iPhone is set to upload all photos to iCloud and 'My Photo Stream' and, after taking a photo, something seems to happen in terms of uploads.

However, we've waited a few DAYS now, and iCloud doesn't seem to have synced anything down.

Any clues, from Apple experts, as to what to try next. It's driving us insane!! Comment below to add your tuppence worth?

Ideas from me so far:
  • re-install iCloud on the PC
  • pray
  • smash the iPhone with a large hammer and switch my friend to Android or Windows Phone

[I'll update this post with more info as requested by anyone kind enough to help!]

Hmm... http://rianjs.net/2014/09/fixing-icloud-on-windows seems to offer one techy solution. May try this tomorrow. Seems like there should be something more obvious though!


Chani said…
Have you tried charging the phone with Wi-Fi on, phone idle? My understanding is, that that is the only time the phone uploads photos to iCloud.

I've given up on it, though. I connect the iPhone at home to a Win8.1 PC, the photos folder shows up - copy, paste to a Onedrive folder.
Thanks, yes, I'm heading the same way. Giving up on iCloud and just importing photos the old fashioned way 8-)
slaguru said…
Open iCloud on the web and see if the photos library is up to date. Also have a number of photos been stored there before possibly breaking the limit.

Also has two factor authentication been turned on, are there any verification codes waiting. ??

I think photos is getting better, but its not there for some, and its a very Mac - iOS thing. If its really such an issue, then maybe your friend should ditch the iPhone, as Apple really don't care that much about it (not as much as maybe some other companies do). However I have been working on the new Photos and iOS 9 sync API's and they all seem solid to me...

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