Of broken wrists and summer breaks....

To all my Phones Show viewers, please note that I didn't take a break over the summer holidays as I normally do, i.e. the shows kept on coming and indeed, increased in frequency. However, my elderly (79) and recently widowed father has just had a major fall, breaking his arm and wrist and I'll be needed helping him at least part time for a few weeks, as you can imagine. Adding complications are that he's on the other side of the UK, so there will be many miles on the motorway backwards and forwards....
So.... I'm taking my annual short break from filming now. The Phones Show will return soon, probably around the time the new Nexus devices appear on the streets.

The Phones Show Chat audio podcast will continue, of course, since there's a lot less time that's involved in that - a PSC takes two hours to put together, of which 75 minutes is spent recording. Whereas a ten minute video Phones Show takes around fifteen hours of planning, writing, filming and editing! If any of you have ever done much video editing then you know how fiddly it can be!

Hopefully you'll all understand and will continue to keep supporting me and the shows in various ways. A reminder that the donations page is here.

Thank you.
Steve Litchfield


James said…
If there is anything I can do to help, just ask Steve.
Jonathan Li said…
Quick and sound recovery to your father Steve. Hope we will soon watch your new videos again.
Rob Anderson said…
Hope your dad makes a speedy recovery Steve
Diracian said…
Really sorry to hear that n hope he's better soon Steve.

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