Review: AUKEY 10000mAh plus torch - the perfect festival power solution?

Admittedly this post comes too late for most of the 2017 'festival' scene, but it's timely to get yourself prepared for next year. Or perhaps for winter trips out (in the Northern Hemisphere)?

The problem I keep facing is that family members head out into the great outdoors/parks/festivals and, on their way out, often say that they're worried that their phone is going to run out of power.

Which is in an issue for them and also for me as it's me that has to liase with them at midnight, trying to pick them up from goodness knows where with each 30 second call preceded by "My battery's on 1% and it won't last much longer!"

Now, I've a selection of power banks in my cupboards, as a result of various reviews, from the tiny to the enormous. But the former have only enough charge to sort out one phone, while the latter are just too large and heavy to expect a family member to lug them around all day.

Isn't one 'charge' enough? Well yes, but what happens when it's multiple family members, or family plus friends at said festival or trip out? In such a situation, you need capacity to spare.

What's needed, I mused, was around 10000mAh quoted, equating to about 7000mAh transferred (thank physics for that!), enough for two full charges of two separate phones or partial charges from 3 or more devices.

The perfect 'send with family' power bank also needs:
  • to not be too heavy
  • to have a curved profile so that it doesn't dig into delicate female clothing or body parts(!)
  • to have two USB ports, in order to charge two devices at once
  • (a really, really useful bonus, this) to have a torch function
You'd be surprised how much these requirements whittle down all the possible choices, but I found a winner here. The simply titled AUKEY 10000mAh Power Bank meets all these requirements and for only a tenner, which I reckon makes it an absolute steal.

Charging is only via microUSB, which is a trifle archaic in 2017, but it's not a deal breaker, since you'll only ever be charging it overnight back at home. The ports are labelled 1A and 2A, so if you have two different devices to charge then you might need to stop and think which one gets/needs the higher current.

While the torch is bright - not good enough to replace a genuine torch, but good enough to see roughly where you're going in a pitch dark festival camp site and to ensure that you don't trip over a guy rope. Or to find the right key when back to your house or cabin?

This charger isn't exactly new, but the price has never been lower and I can thoroughly recommend it.


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