Review: ROMOSS UPower 2-in-1 10000mAh charger

It's not often that you see a different 'take' on the traditional USB power bank - and I really wanted ROMOSS's latest gadget to be an ultimate accessory. Yet it falls short, as much conceptually as in practice.

The ROMOSS UPower 2-in-1 is essentially a 10000mAh twin-USB output power bank, but instead of an input socket you charge up the power bank itself by plugging it directly into the mains. Simple, eh? One gadget with no wires of its own that can be charged from the wall?

The UPower 2-in-1 is beautifully packaged and robustly made in glossy ridged plastic - the look and feel is a 'love it or hate it' design, but I never really got the luxury of making my mind up about this because of the two major downsides that I identified.

Firstly, the idea of building in mains input is to reduce bulk, i.e. not having to carry a mains adapter and cable with you. However, while this works for USA residents, since the folding mains pins are flush with the body, anyone from Europe or the UK has to put up with a bulky, protruding slide-on adapter. It's still marginally less bulk than an adapter and a cable, but not significantly and you have to live with 'sticking out' mains pins all the time, digging into your pockets or hands or in your carry case.

Whereas with a traditional power bank, you only have a sleek rectangle to deal with most of the time and then you charge it once in a while and often back at base. Yes, you could keep sliding the mains pins adapter on and off, but this is tight and needs a very strong grip - in short, it's a pain.

Secondly, all of the above might be bearable if the outputs were cutting edge - and they're not. A 1A output and a 2.1A output are very '2014' and there's zero pretence at USB Power Delivery, QuickCharge or indeed any other recent standard, let alone USB Type C.

In short, ROMOSS, make a UK-specific (and/or Euro-specific) version with folding/flush pins, add more up to date outputs, and you might have a good chance at sales. But as it is, this thing is dead in the water. Sorry.


Harry Myhre said…
Friend at work has a similiar unit made by RAVPower. Mains plug is BUILT IN.
KELLIE plugs it into a mains plug in our office.
Next to a printer.
Then she hauls it around in her purse.

I own a whopper 22000 mah ravpower that I lugged around the British isles.
In the beginning I worried it would be too big. Too heavy.
What I found.
With batteries there is no "too big".
22000 with twin charging ports served me very well.
Don't know if it's sold in UK.

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