Review: Aukey Smart LED Atmosphere Lamp

This was slightly out of the blue and out of my normal review fare, but the idea of being able to choose any colour at all to illuminate my bedroom rather appealed to me. There are times, you know, when subtle mood lighting is appropriate [cough]...

And this light is terrific, with only one big caveat - that happily has a workaround, though not an elegant one.

Plug in and a bright blue status LED lights up (I'll come back to this below). Touch anywhere on the metal body of the lamp and it glow gentle white, tap again to go to medium and maximum brightness.

Then it gets interesting - long touch (for three seconds) on the metal and the lamp starts cycling through myriads of colours, just tap once to select the one you want. It's intuitive and flexible and there are no buttons to wear out.

To turn the lamp off again, just long touch again for three seconds. Not as fast as pressing a button, but not a problem.

The light cast by the lamp is even, despite the vagaries of the image above - it's a top class lamp.

The caveat mentioned above is the status LED. At night, in a bedroom, this is far too bright and, once your eyes have adjusted to the dark, the blue glow is rather annoying.

The solution is to take a small piece of black electrical (or gaffer) tape and place it over the LED. This detracts from the look somewhat, but does solve the issue. I just wish that the LED could have been placed around the back, where the mains lead goes in.

I guess the idea is to guide a user to the lamp in the dark, so that they can see where the lamp is, to touch it, but it's just too bright. For us, anyway.

Still, a cracking buy for £25. Here it is on Amazon UK.


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