Apple iPhone X Case Review round-up (part 2)

In part 1 of my iPhone X case round-up, I looked at a trio of Olixar designs - here I present four others, three by different manufacturers. All of them kindly supplied for review by Mobile Fun - here's their full range of iPhone X cases and covers.

Olixar X-Ranger iPhone X Survival Case, £20

Providing a segue from part 1 is the last Olixar design, a really, really tough neoprene design (with faux metal on the back) with a hidden pocket, from which slides - almost magically - a credit-card survival tool!

Die cast in coated steel, the tool contains (nominally, and I quote) "Ruler (metric and imperial), filer, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener, cable peeler, protractor, phone stand (to be used with a credit card or similar), letter opener, puller, knife blade, side blade, saw blade, keyring hole, butterfly wrench, a hex bolt wrenches in sizes ranging #6, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13 and #15"

Phew! In fact, take some of these with a pinch of salt, in view of what you might need to to with some of these. For example, trying to undo a tough bolt in an emergency, exerting a bit of force and then the tool slips and the 'knife edge' slices into you! But I'm a huge fan of compact multi-tools on the whole and there will be some occasions when this tool, always with you in the case, will save the day.

There's a bonus too, in that the flip out cover for the multi-tool slot also acts as a kickstand when needed.

Plus, as the blurb points out, you can also use the slot for a different credit card multi-tool (e.g. the SwissCard ones) if you prefer something without 'knife edges'! Or even put a handful of actual credit cards in there.

Very flexible and you really will have everything with you as long as your (rather thicker than usual!) iPhone X is to hand.

Score: 8/10

Spigen Liquid Air iPhone X, £20

I've always been a fan of Spigen cases and this doesn't let the side down, with fairly slim fit, a soft touch finish and a delicate hatched texture on the back.

Nothing fancy, yet very definitely a cut above the cheap TPU tat you find elsewhere online. The button covers are so precise, the fit so perfect. Spigen do their homework and it shows. Yes, their cases are on the expensive case, but then you paid £1000 for your iPhone X so it's worth it to pay a little extra to keep it safe, surely?

Score: 8/10

Ghostek Cloak 3 iPhone X Tough Case, £20

A tough silvered outer shell and soft plastic inner is a tough combination to beat in terms of protection and this Ghostek design provides near ultimate protection.

Better still, all the various colour variants (white here) leave the main back completely clear, letting you (and the world) see that you're using an Apple iPhone X.

[In white, at least, the cutaways in the outer shell's curves around the back give off something of a Star Wars 'Storm Trooper' vibe - or maybe that's just me?]

Once fitted, this is just about my favourite case for the iPhone X, though there's one huge caveat to be aware of. As with any two-layer case design, getting the phone in and out isn't trivial, and neither is getting the layers perfectly snug and lined up, such that the button covers work properly. So, patience is needed and you shouldn't choose this case design if you plan to switch SIM cards more than once a month.

Score: 8/10

Ghostek Exec 2 iPhone X Wallet Case, £20

With the same dual layer-fitting caveats as mentioned above, this is perhaps the ultimate iPhone X case. The dream for many of us is leaving our wallet at home and just taking the phone. We're used to using the likes of Apple Pay on the phone, but there are other things for which credit and loyalty or travel cards are needed. Traditionally, a folio style case would be needed, and the extra flap tens to annoy most people, always getting in the way.

The design here adds an extra elasticated pocket on the back of the case, capable of holding up to three cards (or - thinking laterally, in light of the first case reviewed above - perhaps a Swiss Card multi-tool??!) The idea is that Apple Pay takes care of general small payments but by positioning an extra payment card just right in the pocket, you'll gain contactless payment from that too. Plus you'll have other cards available to be extracted.

Also standing out here is the choice of materials, with a soft touch rubber outer later providing excellent protection and an 'executive' material back panel that is soft, 'real', and utterly fabulous. The card pocket is faux-leather but very sturdy.

Inside, there's a hex pattern of supporting TPU ridges.

In short, your iPhone X is protected well, you get multi-card storage and a premium feel in the hand at every turn.

Get this fitted snugly and your cased phone is your one thing to carry around. No need for a wallet ever again?

Score: 9/10


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