Review: Guinness Utility Card

This is something of a followup to my original (G+) review of the Swiss Card Lite (on Amazon UK at and complements it nicely, they sit in consecutive slots in my wallet!
I bought this (about a tenner on Amazon UK at because, despite my Swiss Card's functions, I had no way to open a bottle of beer and had to spend 20 mins at my dad's place trying to find a suitable opener.
This has both top designs covered for beer (or Guinness!) and, as a bonus, gives five different nut cutouts, should you need to tighten or loosen something, typically on a bike or garden implement.

A (cm) ruler, letter opener blade, and a couple of token screwdriver edges complete a useful metal gadget. And with surprisingly little overlap with my Swiss Card Lite.

I now feel like I'm ready for anything. Including beer! 


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