How to remove an old, stuck rawlplug/wallplug...

I can't believe that yours truly is delivering a DIY tip, but hey. I'm strictly a DIY amateur... I was faced with trying to get old rawlplugs out of a wall, ready for redecorating later on. Some of these dated back 30 years and were painted over 20 years ago, so we're talking seriously stuck or degraded. And, seemingly, impossible to grab hold of:

It occurred to me that by screwing something substantial into each plug, roughly halfway (going all the way would mean too much of a fix!), I could grab the protruding 'something' with a meaty pair of pliers and then pull the old plug straight out.

It works a treat. Although I used large hanging hooks, pushing in and then screwing in four or five threads worth, a thick screw with large head would also do, no doubt.

The aim was to get the plugs out, which worked, and then five minutes with some filler paste and I was all ready for sanding down when dry and then painting.

Anyway, I thought it a useful little bit of lateral thinking and hope it helps someone else!


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