It's not about the money - wind and sun power

Hopefully a few people will agree with this rant at least.... I keep hearing about why our governments, companies and householders shouldn't bother with renewable energy sources (wind/sun/tidal, etc.) because they don't make financial sense. What rubbish and how short sighted! When other energy sources are failing in 30 years time and electricity and gas are 10 times the current level, there are going to be billions of people regretting not investing (yes, INVESTING) in alternative energy sources NOW. What on earth are we going to run our civilisation on when the gas and oil and coal run out? All nuclear? Hope not.
Those dismissing renewable energy installations because their 'pay back' time is 20 years (at most) should realise that the 20 year figure is at current energy levels. Multiply your current fuel costs by four and then the payback time becomes an awful lot more attractive. Renewable energy is about investing in the future, not saving a few pennies or cents now....


Anonymous said…
The main problem with alternative energy is that we approach it from the wrong end. We try to add windparks, etc. to the national grid. The best solution is to add the alternative energy at the user end. Local generators on roofs, be it solar or wind, with excess energy being sold to the national grid. This is where the governments of the world should be putting their efforts and cash.

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