Clueless managers

So there I was in Toys'r'us. And by the checkout they had a huge pile of crisp packets, with a sign saying '5p each', with best before dates about to expire. No worries, I thought, and picked up a handful. When my turn in the (only) queue came, the checkout operator had to call the store manager over the tannoy and get him to come over and authorise the 'special' purchase with his master key. This took around five minutes, during which time customers behind me in the queue were giving up on their pile of would-be purchases and leaving the store in frustration. What an absolute farce - it would have been far cheaper for Toys'r'us to have simply binned the crisps, or (better) given them away in a big pile saying 'Please take', and generating a little goodwill.
This was the second similar retail experience I've had in the last week, in each case demonstrating that there are people in business who have absolutely no idea what they're doing...


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