Greedy restaurants

Look, this is how it's worked for hundreds of years: you eat your meal, ask for the bill and then pay it, adding a little extra as a tip if you've had good service. But restaurants have obviously decided that people aren't being generous enough and have started being very sneaky. I went to Ma Potters in Reading today and, in a bit of a hurry, glanced at the bill and then paid it, adding roughly 10% in my head. The bill seemed a bit high, but I didn't want to cause a fuss because the restaurant was crowded, so I left before examining the itemised bill in more detail. They'd added on 10% automatically, INCLUDING it in the final bill total. So they'd sneakily managed to get two tips out of me. Grrrr.... The moral: examine the bill more closely before you pay. And I'm going to protest by deliberately removing the 10% from restaurrant bills that include this 'optional' extra - and not returning to any of these establishments.


Anonymous said…
I agree, and they usually say on the bill something like "discretionary 10% automatically included". How can it be discretionary if it's included already? Like you. I always take it off. The other trick restaurants play is to charge VAT twice on drinks - if you have a drink at the bar, and pay for it there, the VAT is included. If you buy the same drink at your table, they'll add the VAT with the rest of your bill!! So buy your drinks at the bar and take them to your table.

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