Watches alive and well?

I'm staggered that the humble wrist watch is still doing so well in 2006. With the time (and Calendar reminders) on every phone, I haven't worn a watch since about 1990. Clunky, restrictive things. And yet a friend of mine runs TikTox and is making a go of selling wrist watches to the millions. Clearly there are messages of style and general 'coolness' here - and I've never been considered 'cool' by anyone who's not themselves a geek!! Do you wear a watch? And if so why, if you also carry a phone? Interested in any comments!


Anonymous said…
Steve, my watch is always available on my wrist, my phone is either in my pocket or in a pouch. Looking at the time on a watch is not so obtrusive as getting out a phone to look. I also use my watch for runs, when I'm in the gym, on the badminton or squash court, in short - any locations where I wouldn't have my phone with me.
Yomi said…
I haven't used a watch in over a year. My smartphone is almost always in my hand, since it serves as music player, mobile PC, time-piece, diary, and all what not.

I don't think I will ever go back to using a wrist watch - unless, of course, if I get one as a gift.
Anonymous said…
I have a Fossil PDA watch but I never wear it. Instead I use mobiles or computer screens. Or failing that ask someone (you never know who you might get chatting to!)

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