Microsoft buys Yahoo!?

Wow. A reported $44 BILLION ?? How on earth do companies a) come up with these valuations and b) afford the price in the first place. I knew Microsoft were rich, but this sort of price is insane. And for what? Surely they already have everything that Yahoo has got in their tech-bank, and more? Well, maybe not Flickr, surely the best purchase Yahoo! ever made.... But even so....

This won't get them level with Google, it will simply cheese off existing Yahoo! users, who will then defect to Google and make the situation even worse for Microsoft.

My advice: don't do it. Don't even think about it.


Anonymous said…
you are right on all accounts.

stupid move MS or M$ as you clearly are!

The only thing his will do is harm your shareprice.

Is the mighty empire of M$ on the way down?

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